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Perfect Summertime Peaches!

Nothing tastes more like summer than a ripe + juicy South Carolina peach!

Right now, freestone peaches are 99¢ per pound!

These peaches are SO delish, the juice trickes straight to your elbows!



Open July 4th 10 AM until 4 PM


Asparagus Now!

Why now and not a month ago?  Or a month hence?

It was too cold a month ago.  The soil around the asparagus plant’s crown was too cold. The crown is the underground base of the stem from whence the roots go down and the shoots go up.  As the soil warmed up, the crown awoke and sent up shoots.  That’s the part we eat – the shoots.  And they shoot out of the ground pretty fast.  Look at this time lapse video of how fast they grow on a hot day…


This is what the plant looks like if the shoots are not picked…

photography credit to Commons.wikimedia.org

Why can’t we keep picking the shoots all summer?  The crown has only so many shoots it can send up.  When they’re done, they’re done.  If all the shoots are picked there is no mature plant to feed the crown.  So the last shoots are always left to grow into the full plant which nurtures the crown for next year’s crop.

When frost hits the plant in the fall, the part above ground dies, but the crown goes dormant until the soil warms again in the spring.

- Ben Pipkin


Local Spinach & Mushrooms

Looking for a fresh protein push? Or flavorful local mushrooms?  Check out the local spinach from Our Harvest and Morel Mushrooms from Maysville, KY!  Hurry while they last!


Register for Spring 2014 Classes! 

Interested in learning more about gardening this spring and summer?  Check out or new class schedule and learn a variety of skills through this unique Pipkin's experience!

We have both informational free classes but also hands-on classes for a nominal fee where you'll take home the item you create in class.

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