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From our own Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden…

Arriving this Spring at Pipkin’s Garden Market

Zoo's Best! - New for 2018 -  Zoo's Best recommendations for Annuals, Perennials and Shrubs.
Zoo’s Best Pollinator Series! - Updated Zoo's Best selections for attracting pollinators to your garden. Look for Annual Series, Perennial Series and New Shrub Series

After more than 25 years of trialing plants, The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden knows which plants grow and look best in our region. By focusing that list to the plants that benefit pollinators the most, we have created the Zoo’s Best Plants for Pollinators Plant Series. We would also like to recommend some of our favorite plants that are great garden plants which may minimally support pollinators. We’re calling these Zoo’s Best Plants.

Working with local plant growers, we are introducing a Zoo-branded line of plants which gardeners can recognize as easy to grow, beautiful, and pollinator-friendly plants. These can be found at many independent local garden centers. A portion of the proceeds from every purchase will support further plant trialing at the Zoo.